Cross Point Ministries

We believe we are called to love God by loving people. Here at Cross Point we have many different types of ministries to reach people in many different ways all aimed at glorifying our God. We pray that through these avenues we can help one another deepen our relationships with the Lord and live out Gospel driven lives to the world around us.
If you have any questions on where to get plugged in or about serving in one of these ministries contact our associate pastor Kyle Blankenship!


Youth Group

Youth today are in the middle of a turbulent culture and need to be pointed to the Gospel and the hope that is only found in Christ. We believe in solid biblically grounded solutions in a relational environment to help our Youth stand firm in the Gospel.


  • Relational
  • Gospel Driven
  • Fun and Safe!

Kid’s Point

Kid’s Point is our portion of Sunday morning service geared specifically for children form 1st through 5th grade. We engage the kids with teaching and worship aimed at reaching them on their level with the love of God in Christ through the Gospel.


  • The Gospel Project
  • Age Appropriate Teaching
  • Tailored Worship


Action Point

Jesus gave us the command to go and make disciples of all nations. This begins locally and from that grows out. At Cross Point we believe strongly in practical local missions to engage our community as well as global scale missions to engage the world with the Gospel.


  • Practical
  • Locally Present
  • Globally Engaged

Sunday School

We offer a variety of Sunday morning classes to engage people of all ages with Biblical truth. They range from pre-school to adult classes all with one aim; pointing people to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  • Passionate Teaching
  • Theologically Sound
  • Available for all ages



We offer a full nursery for children from birth to kindergarten. We provide a safe and loving environment to provide not only the kid’s a exciting outlet but also give parents an opportunity to be renewed in the Word. It truly takes a village to raise a child and we are blessed to be part of that village.


  • Safe
  • Check In System
  • Loving Environment

We have many ministries available within our church. We pray that you would be engaged with the Gospel in a variety of different ways here at Cross Point

Connection Point

Ready to get more involved with the Cross Point Family? We know sometimes that can be intimidating – but we’ve made it easy!

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